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Woman Is Creeped Out By A Hole In The Fence Her Neighbor Made

Source: KelseyRayWilson/TikTok

Moving into a new neighborhood is slightly daunting, and the prospect of having new neighbors move into yours is also similarly daunting. At some point, neighbors would have to engage each other. It could be for nice long chats or occasional polite pleasantries, but the least anyone can hope for is to have neighbors that are not troublesome. However, some people don’t have that kind of luck because they always end up with nosy or trouble-seeking neighbors.

TikTok user Kelsey Ray may be dealing with a nosy neighbor, the type that makes unwanted observations of whatever you are doing. Kelsey believes that her neighbor may have created a hole in the fence in her backyard. Creepy right?

Kelsey Ray shared her unsettling findings on TikTok on the 23rd of July, 2023. By what Kelsey said, she and her family had just moved into their house, but she felt uneasy with what she found.

She posted a video of what she believes to be a hole in the fence in her backyard. She also believed the hole to be created by her neighbor. The Tiktoker posted more evidence showing that the hole was not there before.

“I do not know if I have anxiety or I am just going crazy, but I feel this is very weird,” Kelsey said in her caption.

The weird situation does not end there; according to Kelsey Ray, the neighbor had already made use of the hole.

She recounted what happened on a particular day when she was taking care of her children in the bathroom. She remembered one of her children throwing a tantrum, and then the neighbor started yelling at them through the hole.

“Is the fact that he created an entire hole not weird?” Kelsey asked her fellow Tiktokers. She explained that she feels so uncomfortable and does not know what she can do or use to block the neighbor.

Kelsey later posted another video to update her followers that she found out that the fence actually belonged to the neighbor. She also said she saw him out in his yard repairing his fence.

The unsettled TikToker disclosed that she planned to put up command strips as an endeavor to block him from using the hole to peek into her section of the neighborhood.

Many other TikTok users shared Kelsey’s thoughts. In the comment section, some suggested that she put up curtains to block the hole.

A TikToker gave their opinion saying the neighbor was probably friends with the house’s previous occupant, and they both communicated through the hole. However, that theory does not explain why the hole was not there in the proof Kelsey shared in her previous videos.

As of now, Kelsey is yet to give new updates on her hole-in-the-fence situation. We can only hope that she has been able to keep all that concerns her behind the property line, away from prying eyes.


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