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The Mirror You’re Using in Public Places Could Have Someone Standing Behind It

Man standing behind a mirror while a woman stands in front of it
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As a society, people have become accustomed to being watched by security cameras almost everywhere they go. But what many don’t realize is that sometimes, they are being watched even when cameras are not around.

Sadly, it’s the mirrors in public spaces, such as in hotels, restrooms, and dressing rooms, that people need to be cautious of. While these mirrors often look just like regular mirrors, some of them are actually Venetian mirrors, meaning they are slightly transparent, and someone on the other side would be able to see through them like glass.

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The scary thing about Venetian mirrors is that when someone is looking in the front, they wouldn’t be able to tell right away that it is different from other mirrors. Police use them in interrogation rooms, but that’s really the only safe and valid reason to have one.

Whoever is using a Venetian mirror in public is absolutely committing a crime, as they are essentially spying on people who believe they are alone. In fact, regulations completely prohibit Venetian mirrors as well as security cameras in public bathrooms and dressing rooms all around the country.

But while a person would easily be able to see an illegal security camera in a private space, the Venetian mirror is harder to spot. However, there is a way to find out if the mirror in the bathroom or dressing room is a Venetian style being used by a criminal.

Whenever someone walks into a restroom or fitting room, people should touch their fingertip or thumb directly to the mirror. If there is a small space or gap between the finger and the mirror, it is a standard and safe mirror. However, if the reflection of the finger touches the finger directly, it is likely a Venetian mirror.

It’s absolutely deplorable that some criminals are using these strange mirrors to watch people, specifically women, get changed and go to the bathroom against their will and without their knowledge. However, it seems that this is a real problem that’s occurring around the United States and even the world.

If there is any doubt that the mirror someone is looking at is a Venetian mirror, it’s important that they leave and call the police immediately to investigate. Of course, leaving will save a person from being spied on right then and there, but calling the police could help protect dozens, if not hundreds, of other people from the same fate.

Hopefully, if enough people know that this problem exists, how to figure out if the mirror in front of them is a Venetian, and call the police when they find one, these criminals will be apprehended, and people can continue to feel safe and alone to do what they need to do in restrooms and fitting rooms.


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