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How to do the perfect winged eyeliner

Source: Stylecraze

Winged eyeliner is a type of eyeliner used to define the eye and create dramatic effects around the contour of the eyes. The winged look has a thin line on one side of the eyelid that resembles a cat’s eye.

Some people wear winged eyeliner to make their eyes look larger, while others love the dramatic and sultry effects of wearing dark-colored winged eyeliner.

How to Do Winged Eyeliner for Beginners

Most people would agree that winged eyeliner can be tricky to apply in the beginning, but with practice, it becomes easier. If this is your first time applying winged eyeliner, take your time and follow the steps below to apply winged eyeliner.

Step #1. – Grab your favorite gel eyeliner pencil or liquid eyeliner to create a winged cat-eye look. You can use a powder-based eyeliner pencil, gel eyeliner, or waterproof liner to create the desired effect.

Step #2. – Start by selecting your favorite shade of base coat and applying a base of shadow to the lid using a brush.

Step #3. – Next, brush your eyeliner pencil lightly along the upper lash line to create a solid line along the eye line.

Step #4. – Then, using a small flick of the finger, flick the pencil towards the inner corner of your eye and draw the winged shape you prefer. Draw the wing in the shape of a small triangle to create a dramatic cat-eye like effect.

Step #5. – After you’ve created the desired wing shape with your eyeliner pencil, use a second flick to extend the line along your lower lash line to create the wing, and then fill in the winged shape.

Step #6. – Finally, use an eyeliner brush to fill in any gaps and wings on the upper lash line of both eyes. Step back and check your makeup mirror for unevenness and clean up any liner outside of the line and wing shape.

Adjust this procedure to do winged eyeliner on down-turned and monolid eyes.

Down-turned Winged Eyeliner Tips:

Find the center of your eyelid and draw a straight line towards the outer edge of the eye. Draw the wing shape at the end of your line and fill in the wing. Repeat on the other eye to give your lash line a long and lifted look.

Tips for Monolid Eyes:

People with monolid eyes have a smaller eye canvas to work with when creating the winged eyeliner look. Use your favorite eyeliner to make light strokes all the way across the top eyelid until you create a solid line.

Draw the desired winged shape at the end of this line. Complete the look for monolid eyes by filling in the wing shape.

In most cases, winged eyeliner will last for up to eight hours after application. Higher-end brands of eyeliner may offer additional features like smudge-proof application and longer wear time.

Waterproof eyeliner –  wear without worrying about your makeup running.

Powder-based pencil eyeliner – precise and easy application available in dark and matted shades.

Liquid eyeliner – lasts all day and easier to remove than powder-based or waterproof eyeliner.



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