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Woman Shares Important Insight for Homeowners with Fire Hydrants in Their Front Yards

Source: newhomeconcierge/TikTok

Are you a homeowner with a fire hydrant on your property? If yes, Mrs. Morgan McVey has some good news for you. McVey is a TikToker who claims to be “your source for working mommas & new home sales.” Currently, she has over 100 videos on her TikTok page (@newhomeconcierge), most bordering on real estate.

McVey runs a “Home Tip Tuesday” series where she shares valuable advice for homeowners. On October 3, she uploaded a clip that she directed at property owners with fire hydrants in their front yards.

“Did you know if you have a fire hydrant on your property, that you should be eligible for a lower monthly insurance on your homeowners’ insurance?” she asked. The caption on the post read, “Check with your insurance to see if it lowers your premium!” McVey’s clip has gone viral with about 194,000 views, 3,400 likes, and 1,500 shares, making it her TikTok video with the highest impressions ever. 

It’s worthy of note, however, that McVey’s advice is not set in stone, as she has admitted that it’s situational. A commenter wrote that her statement wasn’t true as it depends on the township’s fire protection class. To this, she replied, “Correct. Situational, nonetheless, still a tip to look into.”

Unfortunately, there were many more people, like the first commenter, who didn’t consider that “should” is the operative word in her advice. So, they went head-on to criticize it outrightly. 

“Insurance person here. Look up your PPC. It’s a distance to the fire hydrant + fire station and if your fire dept is full time or volunteer,” someone wrote. “Nope. We have one in our yard, no discount. I asked when we moved in,” another added.

However, some felt motivated by McVey’s tip and followed her advice to check with their insurance companies. “This is amazing!!!!! Calling my insurance company now,” one of the optimists wrote. “Omg! I have one in my yard. Calling my insurance to see,” said someone else. Then someone had already tried it and discovered that “It’s so minimal, like $5 a year savings.”

Now, let’s take a look at what the experts are saying about this. According to Marine Agency Insurance, being near a fire hydrant “makes it easier for firefighters to respond to a potential house fire. Since fires account for many (and expensive) homeowners insurance claims, many insurers will provide discounts for factors that reduce the fire risk — such as being close to a fire hydrant or fire department. So, does a fire hydrant lower insurance? Potentially, yes.”

A 2009 Forbes article has made similar claims. According to the write-up, “installing a fire hydrant within 100 feet of the home, or opening of a fire substation within proximity to the property may lower the homeowner’s annual premiums.” 

In summary, having a fire hydrant in your home may reduce your insurance. However, even your neighbors who have no fire hydrants in their homes will enjoy reduced insurance if yours is close enough to use for their fire emergencies. Regardless, whether you’re eligible for lower insurance is at the individual home insurance company’s discretion.


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