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Try the Shopping Cart Test to Determine if Someone is Kind or Not

Source: Tip Hero

Using shopping carts when going about your business in the mall or any other store is a regular thing. The real question is, what do you do with the shopping cart when you’re done with it? 

There are corrals around the parking lot where you can return the carts when you’re done with them. While some people return them neatly, many others leave the carts wherever. This circumstance has given rise to what is known as the shopping cart test, which was posted on a forum website.

The poster described the test as some kind of measurement to determine if a person has the ability to self-govern. The poster narrated that returning a shopping cart is the correct thing to do, and it is easy and convenient, and other than an urgent emergency, everyone should be able to return their cart.

 Abandoning carts is not an offense, and returning them to their rightful place has no profit or gain, so it is a perfect example of whether a person will do the appropriate thing or not without being forced to. 

The owner of the post concluded their write-up by saying that those who abandon shopping carts are not better than a savage who can’t do the correct thing without being forced by law.

It makes one wonder if not returning shopping carts really makes people bad or personally unable to govern themselves.

A Twitter user reposted the content on Twitter to prompt discussions, and his plan worked. Many people had different reactions and opinions about the matter. Some of them expressed their anger at people who don’t return their shopping carts, saying they are unfit for society and should be punished.

One user, in particular, said it was a good thing if people did not corral their carts because corralling carts is somebody’s job. So if everyone corralled their cart, the people whose job is to do that will become unemployed. A grocery store car attendant, however, disagreed with this user’s statement and said “Being a grocery store cart attendant, I can tell you that does who do not return their carts are **** people”. 

Another tweet said the whole phenomenon was silly. “There are more options than what this poster has given. Returning or not returning shopping carts has way more to do than being good or bad,” the user said.

The phenomenon should not determine if anyone is good or bad, but it is an indicator that can show if a society can self-govern itself or not. It can also show the extent of society’s maturity level. And maybe if everyone returned their carts, we wouldn’t need mayors and the government anymore.


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