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40 Years Later, The Connection Between a Girl and Her Teacher Still Remains

Source - Granite Elementary

Starting at a new school as a young kid can be an intimidating experience, especially when it comes to making friends. Stepping into a foreign environment filled with unfamiliar faces can feel isolating, especially if you have a strong desire to be accepted and find your group of people.

Back in 1978, Cindy Davis found herself in the same challenging situation that many people throughout history have. As a third-grader attending Granite Elementary School in Salt Lake City, Utah, as well as a new kid on the block, Davis, known for her kind spirit and thick wavy hair, was facing a tough school year. Her life had undergone significant changes as her mother had recently remarried. She and her family had to move to an entirely new neighborhood and school because of it.

Unfortunately, Cindy was struggling to make friends, leaving her feeling lonely and disconnected from her peers on most days. However, an unforeseen turn of events changed everything. 

Enter Mrs. Margaret Foote, Cindy’s third-grade teacher, who stepped in and embraced the shy little girl, providing the much-needed support and understanding she craved during this critical phase of her life. 

To Cindy, Mrs. Foote was more than just a teacher. Later on in life, Cindy would acknowledge how powerful of a role model she became and the vital role she played in saving her life.

According to Cindy’s heartfelt words shared with, Mrs. Foote had a profound impact on her life. As nearly four decades went by, Cindy came to recognize the immense influence Mrs. Foote had on shaping her future. Inspired by her teacher’s nurturing presence and guidance, Cindy chose to follow in her footsteps and became a teacher herself. 

Mrs. Foote’s influence even continued to resonate in Cindy’s life as she eventually became a principal, driven by the same compassion and dedication she had experienced from her beloved teacher. Cindy now says that she pays it forward by training future teachers at a university, all thanks to the remarkable imprint left by Mrs. Foote.

As Cindy’s birthday rolls around each year, she thinks of Mrs. Foote, as they shared the same birthday week. In 2017, Cindy took a leap of faith and planned a surprise for her cherished teacher. After all these years, she wasn’t sure if Mrs. Foote would still remember her from four decades ago. Yet, to her delight, she discovered that, just like all exceptional teachers, Mrs. Foote had a wonderful memory and never forgot a face. 

The reunion was very special, symbolizing the enduring bond between teacher and student, proving that the impact of great educators can last a lifetime. Like parents, teachers have an extremely significant developmental impact on children, and if you have a teacher that made an impact on you back in the day, reach out to them and let them know. They’ll appreciate knowing that they changed a life for the better!


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