Wendy’s Sells Their Chili in Grocery Stores Now, But the Price Has People Scratching Their Heads

By: Riley Brown | Last updated: Nov 13, 2023

Get ready Wendy’s fans! You can now find cans of Wendy’s Chili at your local grocery store, as cans have now hit Walmart’s shelves.

Mahoganii Danae, a TikTok user and Walmart worker, made a surprising find while at work: the iconic Wendy’s Chili, up for sale at $4.42 a can! She promptly took to social media to share her shock and intrigue, leaving her followers equally amazed.

The TikTok Reveal: 'They Sell Wendy's Chili?' Asks Walmart Employee

Danae’s TikTok post revealing her unexpected find became an instant hit. “Let me put y’all on, because I just put my d*mn self on,” she exclaimed, zooming in on the infamous can of Wendy’s Chili.


Source: Wikimedia Commons

The video went viral, garnering more than 450,000 views since it was first posted on July 9th. The Walmart employee also vowed to review the canned delight.

Viewers React: 'Good Lawd $4 a Can?' Canned Chili Price Shocks Fans

One might expect some shock from Wendy’s fans, and they didn’t disappoint. Amidst a flurry of comments, most were focused on the price point. “$5 for that can tho??? yeah I’d rather go to wendy’s,” one user wrote. 


Source: Hip2Save

Another chimed in, “Good lawd $4 a can get a whole meal for that.” Even Wendy’s may not have expected their chili to cause such a stir!

Taste Test Results: Can It Rival Wendy's Chili?

Of course, the burning question remained: does the canned version live up to the restaurant’s version? A few brave souls stepped up to the plate. The consensus? Not quite. 


Source: Wikimedia Commons

“I tried it. Doesn’t taste Nothing like Wendy’s chili. Tastes like regular can chili,” a person lamented. Another person found some redemption by adding Wendy’s hot chili oil to the canned version, yet still confessed to preferring the real deal.

Where To Find Your Own Wendy’s Canned Chili

Well, this fast-food plot twist isn’t just limited to Walmart. As it turns out, you can find these cans of comfort at H-E-B, Kroger, Vons, Albertsons, and more, all tagged with the same (or similar) price.


Source: Wikimedia Commons

So next time you’re wandering down the canned foods aisle, keep an eye out. You might just find a bit of your favorite fast food sneaking into your shopping cart!