Are You Guilty of These 5 Bad Smartphone Habits?

By: Stephen Thompson | Last updated: Nov 03, 2023

The use of mobile phones has rapidly become one of the coolest and most dear things to man since their invention. Many people have unconsciously become attached to their devices and cannot let go of them.

Many unhealthy phone habits have developed due to our dependency on mobile devices, which may put owners at risk if they are not broken. Here are five terrible smartphone habits that we need to break away from.

Talking or Texting While Driving

This is probably one of the most dangerous phone habits, and sadly, many of us are guilty of it. It is dangerous because it not only risk the life of the user, it also puts the lives of the people around in danger.


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While driving, ensure your mobile devices are silenced or at least avoid replying to calls and texts. If you must communicate, it is advised you park your vehicle to avoid endangering your life and the lives of others around.


Talking or Texting While Walking The Streets

This is another common one. While on the road, it is advised that we avoid using our mobile devices in order to navigate around our environment carefully. 


Source: Twitter

Many people have met their demise simply because they were on their phones and got involved in an accident. To respond to urgent calls or texts, simply find a quiet spot to sit and send a response to avoid accidents.

Scrolling at Bedtime

Social media has made it almost impossible to put our phones down, even at bedtime. Unfortunately, there will always be content to feed our minds. The use of our mobile when we should be asleep disrupts a good sleep cycle. 


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This impairment is because of exposure to blue light, which is emitted from mobile devices. Blue light also cause headaches, migraines, lack of focus, and restlessness. If you cannot avoid scrolling at bedtime, at least ensure you use blue light-blocking glasses while looking at the screen.

Getting Too Comfortable While Using Public WiFi

The public internet is often insecure and prone to attack. While using your mobile device, avoid logging important information such as your account information or security codes when connected to the public internet. 


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This is because hackers are able to steal this information through the WiFi or install malicious software onto your device without your knowledge.

Ignoring Software Updates

Software updates are deployed to enhance the capacity of our phones. They serve as a means to remove bugs or features that limit the device’s ability. Ignoring such updates can be a potential hazard to the device. 

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It can cause a crash which may lead to important files being deleted from the device. When notified about software updates, it is best to get your phone updated in a timely fashion.