Actual Pilot Confronts TikTokers Over Spreading Incorrect Tips Online

By: Ene Ayegba | Last updated: Nov 03, 2023

TikTok isn’t just a viral dance video platform or a social app to share quirky videos. More often, you’ll find Tiktokers sharing tips and tricks or advice that spreads like wildfire. Sometimes, following the guidance of amateur creators can be risky, especially as many lack the education and qualifications to back their claims.

However, real professionals often take to the platform to refute viral claims and offer proper insights on topics being discussed, just as this actual 747 pilot took to the platform to set the record straight.

A TikToker’s Unprofessional Advice

TikToker @sugeneshin_, with no experience in the airline industry, gave the craziest tip on “how to save a plane from crashing.” She advised that if a plane was about to crash, passengers should sit upright with legs braced against the seat in front instead of keeping the head down low to the knees.


Source: 74Gear/ Youtube

According to her, your survival rate would be higher. Plus,  you’re in a better position to get your millions of dollars since “they literally want you to die so you don’t sue the airline,” she said.

Was It Good Advice or Not?

Kelsey Hughes, a 747 pilot and Youtuber known as 74Gear, found this advice ridiculous, so he went online to debunk it. 


Source: 74Gear/ Youtube

“It seems these TikTokers who have little to no common sense or knowledge about aviation are giving you tips, so before you watch one of these videos and do something that could kill me while I’m on a plane…watch this video,” Hughes said.

He Ripped Her Claims Apart

Hughes mentioned that the TikToker’s suggested position during an impending crash would lead to a projectile going through one’s head—which would be hard to survive. It would also cause one’s mouth and knees to collide together.


Source: 74Gear/ Youtube

On her claims about airlines avoiding being sued, the pilot stated, “Whether you die or not, it’s either going to be you suing them or your family suing them. It doesn’t matter; they’re getting sued either way. This is America—we love to sue people.”

He Conceded Some Valid Points

The pilot agreed with some of her points, like how the further back in the plane you’re seated, the more likely you are to survive a crash.


Source: Pinterest

In conclusion, he said, “Here’s some better advice: listen to your cabin crew who are trained in crashes or flight attendants that are giving you instructions instead of TikTokers.” Ultimately, one should exercise caution when TikTok travel advice is involved.