If You’re Single And Over 25 In Denmark, This Is What Happens

By: Georgia | Last updated: Nov 13, 2023

Did you think turning 25 was about a quarter-life crisis? Well, in Denmark, it’s all about the “Rule of Cinnamon.” Singles get doused in cinnamon powder on the big 2-5! Surprising? We thought so!

But wait till you see the photos—everyone’s laughing and having a blast. Oh, and this isn’t some modern prank, it’s a 500-year-old tradition.

Beginnings of the Wacky Cinnamon Baptism

Back in the 16th century, a busy spice merchant was so engrossed in selling spices that love took a backseat. Locals, always up for a tease, nicknamed him the “cayenne pepper boy.”


Source: NotAnotherBeeMovie/Reddit

And that’s how this quirky tradition was born, paying homage to singles who, like the merchant, sailed past the “expected” marriage age without tying the knot.


Denmark: Where Openness About Sexuality Reigns

Denmark is known as the most sexually-open among the Nordic countries. From billboards with breast surgery ads to a more relaxed approach to pornography access from age 15, Denmark is refreshingly candid about sexuality.


Source: Adam Winger/Unsplash

This openness is not just for show—real conversations about sexuality are commonplace and stigma-free.

Working 9 to... 3? Danish Work-Life Wins

Work calls after hours in Denmark are a big no-no. With an average work day ending by 4 p.m., the Danes take family time seriously. According to a recent Forbes survey, Copenhagen, Denmark’s capital, was selected as “the city with the highest work-life balance index in the world.”


Source: Emma Dau/Unsplash

Topped off with a whopping 52 weeks of parental leave for new parents and a 2.4% unemployment rate, Denmark’s not just working hard, it’s working smart. And yes, its happiness index shows it!

The Pricey Side of Danish Life

But there’s a catch to living in Denmark, you can expect a high cost of living where even restroom breaks might cost you.


Source: Nick Karvounis/Unsplash

In addition to the bathroom convenience fee, Denmark has one of the highest tax rates at 47% of GDP.
But, it’s important to remember that Danes get what they pay for. From childcare to health, they enjoy top-tier welfare benefits. And guess what? They’re happy! A UN survey ranked them second in global happiness. So, hefty taxes? Maybe. A content life? Absolutely.