Former Trader Joe’s Employee Offers Warnings When Shopping at Store

By: Riley Brown | Last updated: Nov 18, 2023

Trader Joe’s is a popular grocery store chain with over 560 locations across the US. Best known for its unique line of products, friendly environment, and helpful employees, Trader Joe’s is beloved by its loyal shoppers.

Many past and current Trader Joe’s employees have come forward to offer advice to shoppers who want to improve their overall experience at the grocer.

Always Use Reusable Shopping Bags—Just Not Too Many

Anyone who has ever frequented Trader Joe’s knows how important it is to bring along reusable bags. “Do you have any reusable bags?” will almost certainly be the first question you’ll hear at the checkout, but former employee Mackenzie Filson warns not to bring too many.


Source: Reddit

“At the top of my list for poor reusable bag etiquette is bringing every reusable bag you’ve ever owned,” she said. “Consider bringing only the amount of bags you need and keeping them under the cart for easy access,” Filson advised.


Just Let the Cashiers Do Their Jobs

Filson noted that a “common pet peeve of Trader Joe’s employees” is when the customers try a little too hard to help out. Handing each item to the cashier becomes more of a nuisance than a helpful gesture.


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“One or two items makes sense, but no more than that,” she told Eating Well. Filson also warns to respect the employee’s’ personal space by placing grocery items on the conveyor belt instead of handing them to the cashier.

Only Shop on Certain Days to Avoid Crowded Stores

According to former employees, going to Trader Joe’s on certain days will make for a more enjoyable shopping experience. Reddit user CherryDude48, who claims to have worked at Trader Joe’s, insists that Tuesdays and Wednesdays usually have the fewest customers.


Source: Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Even on slow days, the former employee warns to get your shopping done before 4 p.m. Most importantly, Sunday is consistently the day that should be avoided at all costs.

Online Ordering and Delivery Will Never Happen At Trader Joe’s

In a time where online grocery ordering and delivery to your doorstep has become more popular than ever, Trader Joe’s is one of the few grocers not to offer that service. According to Reddit user 82MacReady, who claims to currently work at Trader Joe’s, online ordering and delivery will never be a thing.


Source: Ethan Miller/Getty Images

“They’re never going to do online ordering or pickup orders cause they wanna keep things simple,” the user said, and added that they strive for the “small-town grocery experience.”