Easy Computer Skills: Discover the Magic of Keyboard Shortcuts

By: Stephen Thompson | Last updated: Nov 04, 2023

Keyboard shortcuts are combinations of keys that perform a specific action or command. They provide a faster and more efficient way to navigate and interact with your computer. 

You may be well acquainted with the shortcuts on the Windows keyboard, but the recent Windows 11 upgrade has some shortcuts that have been altered.

Save Time, Boost Productivity: Ctrl+Z

It is an “Undo” keyboard shortcut that helps you to roll back your last action. It’s a total lifesaver, especially when you mistakenly delete an important file or folder.


Source: Vlada Karpovich/ Pexels

Keyboard shortcuts can significantly speed up your workflow, allowing you to perform tasks quickly and precisely. It can also increase efficiency by reducing the need to use a mouse, and it can streamline your workflow and minimize interruptions, helping you stay focused and productive.


Work Smarter, Not Harder: Ctrl+A

This “Select All” keyboard shortcut allows you to highlight all the texts within a document. You can also use this command to select all your files in a folder.


Source: Reddit

These shortcuts provide a more convenient and usable way to use your computer, reducing unavoidable strain on your wrist and fingers. In addition, you can customize your keyboard shortcuts according to your preference; this can help you make your workflow specific to your needs, making it even more efficient and effective.

Become a Keyboard Ninja: Ctrl+W

It is a “close” keyboard shortcut that lets you close any window you are currently viewing, saving you a few more seconds.


Practicing a lot is the fastest way to get used to these shortcuts. The more you use the keyboard shortcuts, the better you will become at remembering them and incorporating them into your workflow.

Navigate Quicker, Close Faster : Alt+Tab

This Windows shortcut is beneficial, especially when you are running numerous applications in your system. Pressing these keys together lets you switch applications without touching your mouse.


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This “Close Apps” shortcut lets you shut down all the active apps. This action means you don’t need the whole process of moving your cursor all the way to the X buttons. Another magic it does is, if you have no applications running and you use this shortcut, your computer will shut down; a very helpful shortcut.