Don’t Waste Them! Find Out How to Reuse Gel Silica Packets and Make Them Useful

By: Lydia Iseh | Last updated: Nov 19, 2023

Many of us find small sealed white packets with a “DO NOT EAT” warning when we buy items. We tend to find these packets in shoe boxes, bags, bubble wraps, etc. Most people do not know what they are or how useful they can be.

Hence, we end up discarding them. These white packets usually contain gel silica, which keeps items moisture-free. Let’s look at some of their uses below.

Keep your Gadgets Safe

We are in the age of brands and companies releasing water-resistant devices. However, there is a limit to how waterproof these electronics actually are. Did you know that keeping these silica packs could save your smartphone?


Source: Wikimedia Commons

Store your gadget with a few of these little packets if it gets wet. They’ll pull the moisture out and keep it performing like new.


Say Goodbye to Corrosion

We like our kitchen knives to remain sharp. Sadly, moisture and dampness allow rust to set in. In the long run, we often notice that our favorite knives and razors have become dull and blunt. But surprisingly, these little packets can help.


Source: Sternsteiger Stahlwaren/ Pexels

All you have to do is use silica gel packs to help reduce that exposure and keep your metal objects looking their best. These packets will help absorb moisture from the air and create a drier environment.

No More Rusty Jewelry

Adding these handy little packets to your metal jewelry pieces will change your jewelry game. The silica will keep them shiny for a very long time.


Source: Mariam Antadze/ Pexels

When you add silica packets to your jewelry box, you make the air drier to help prevent tarnishing. The silica gel packs work by absorbing moisture in the air, which is often the cause of the corrosion.

Keep your Luggage Clean and Dry

Imagine going on a camping trip in the woods and your clothes get wet. Traveling in damp clothing would be less than enjoyable. And if you want to prevent mildew, the last thing you want is your luggage to be damp.


Source: Dids/ Pexels

Silica helps to keep your suitcase dry. By storing your wet clothes with these tiny but mighty moisture absorbers, none of the other items in your luggage will get damp.