Boomers Are Furious at the New “Lazy-Girl Jobs” Trend Created by ’20-Something-Year-Olds Who Have Never Been Through Difficult Things’

By: Riley Brown | Last updated: Nov 15, 2023

TikTok Star Went Viral by Promoting Self-Titled “Lazy-Girl Jobs”

Millions of people are talking about a TikTok video by @Gabrielle_Judge that went viral in May 2023. The video is apparently telling young women that working harder is not necessarily the best way to work.

News sources have picked up the story and responded with mainly negative reviews of the Gen-Z work trend, but many are asking one question: Is Gabrielle Judge on to something , or is she just promoting laziness?

What Are “Lazy-Girl Jobs?”

According to @Gabrielle_Judge, “Lazy-Girl Jobs” are jobs that are low-stress, high-paying, and usually can be done from home. She claims that there are a lot of jobs out there where you can make between $60,000 and $80,000, where you never have to even go into an office.


Source: Wikipedia

Judge claims that the word “lazy” was chosen as clickbait but that these “easy” jobs are actually meant to promote work-life balance.


What Does the World Have to Say?

Most of the major news companies are reporting that “Lazy-Girl Jobs” are a clear indicator that 20-something Gen-Zs just don’t know how or don’t want to work hard. 


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NYU Stern School of Business professor Suzy Welch claims that this trend is simply due to this generation’s fear of anxiety, as well as overprotective parenting that didn’t prepare these young adults for the “real world.”

Is Gabrielle Judge Being Misinterpreted?

While many are quick to agree with Welch’s opinion, Gabrielle Judge has added several more videos to her TikTok explaining that she is being wildly misunderstood.


Source: @Gabrielle_Judge/ TikTok

@Gabrielle_Judge explains that “Lazy-Girl Jobs” are meant to allow women to be both financially independent and have a work-life balance; working harder does not mean working smarter, and that the corporate American culture may not be the best way to work or live. 

Why “Lazy-Girl” Is Backfiring for Many Women

Whether you believe that “Lazy-Girl Jobs” are the future or a problem, the truth is that many women are getting in trouble for publicly using the term to refer to their own jobs.


Source: YouTube

@Gabrielle_Judge has made yet another video warning women not to post about their “Lazy-Girl Jobs” as their bosses might see the post and fire them for their lack of care or dedication to the position. 

Lazy-Girl Jobs: What’s the Bottom Line?

Since May, posts with the hashtag #lazygirljobs have received almost 18 million views. So while some are certainly arguing that this trend showcases the problems with the Gen-Z generation, it seems that others are on board with this new mindset toward work.

Source: @Gabrielle_Judge/TikTok

What do you think? Are Gen-Z women actually lazy, or have they figured out something that previous generations have always wanted, a job that doesn’t make you miserable?