Bar Praised for Rapid Response to Woman’s Drink Being Spiked

By: Georgia | Last updated: Nov 16, 2023

In an age of increased awareness about personal safety, the safety of patrons visiting bars and nightclubs has become an increasingly prominent concern.

A post on Reddit not only brought attention to the severe issue of drink spiking but also highlighted the exemplary actions taken by one specific bar and its diligent staff.

Disturbing Revelations from Bartenders

The popular online platform Reddit was the stage for user xXSlimi_Gacha009’s question “Bartenders of Reddit, what was the weirdest/craziest thing you have overheard while making someone’s drink?”


Source: Pinkyfitts/Reddit

Among the responses, user Pinkyfitts recounted a deeply concerning episode. They wrote “Was sitting at a bar with a band. It was noisy and crowded. Some girl comes up next to where I was sitting and tells the bartender ‘excuse me, but I just saw that guy ( customer) right there put something in that girl’s drink.”


Swift Action in the Face of Danger

The bartender’s reaction to this alarming information was commendably swift and decisive. Pinkyfitts continues, “I didn’t see the guy she pointed to. The bartender turns around and said something, I suspect a code word to somebody and BAM. Immediately all the lights go on.”


Source: Stanislav Ivanitskiy/Unsplash

The venue’s response was immediate, understanding the gravity of the situation and prioritizing patron safety over entertainment.

A Commitment to Patrons’ Safety

The bar’s manager took an unyielding stance – Pinkyfitts then explains that, “The manager steps on stage, stops the band and makes the following announcement: ‘Attention: We have a report that someone in this room possibly drugged a young lady’s drink. We request that all women here immediately put down your drink and don’t take another sip.’”


Source: Sergio Alves Santos/Unsplash

Recognizing the potential widespread risk, the establishment offered to replace every single drink for free. Pinkyfitts continues “Lights stayed on. The band remained off. For a long time, maybe an hour. Cheers from the crowd and nobody complained.”

Tipitina’s: A Pillar of Safety

The establishment that demonstrated such unwavering commitment to safety was identified as Tipitina’s, located in New Orleans.


Source: Michael Discenza/Unsplash

Around the years 2007 or 2008, this bar not only established itself as a hub for music lovers but also as a guardian for its patrons. Pinkyfitts, while recounting the incident, particularly emphasized the venue’s dedication to safeguarding its female visitors.

Beyond the Incident: Broader Safety Initiatives

Kate Gerwin, an advocate for safety from North Dakota, recognized the ongoing challenges faced in such venues. She introduced an innovative, discreet system in Bismarck’s Lüft bar: a subtle “Friends”-themed code that patrons could use when feeling threatened.

Source: Ben Black/Unsplash

This forward-thinking initiative was inspired by Bartenders Against Sexual Assault, an organization that dedicates itself to protect both industry professionals and patrons.


A Universal Emphasis on Safety

The protective measures adopted by bars aren’t isolated incidents. They are becoming a widespread, crucial protocol. A bartender from Portland reinforced this notion, stating that their establishment also employed covert safety measures.

Source: Louis Hansel/Unsplash

Such consistent revelations emphasize the importance of vigilance and the broad measures taken to ensure the safety and security of bar-goers.


A Salute to Safety-Conscious Establishments

While the revelry and celebration of nightlife play a crucial role in many of our lives, it’s heartening to see that the safety and well-being of attendees remain at the forefront.

Source: Kelly Sikkema/Unsplash

These establishments, their management, and the staff who prioritize safety above all else, deserve our utmost appreciation. Their dedicated efforts ensure that joyous nights remain untainted by potential threats.